Mt Hebron Viking Family 1 Mile (5K)

This was a make up run from a 1k that my daughter Kayleigh and I were supposed to run together in April.  Unfortunately she got sick the night before and we missed that race.  So I found this local 5k / 1 mile family fun run.  Let me just say up front that I did not run the 5k so I won’t review it but the pre and post experiences are probably the same.

Pre Race

Race Day It was an overcast, drizzling morning and my first thought was to cancel again.  My daughter really really wanted to do this so away we went.  It poured once or twice on the way there but had slowed to a light misty rain by the time we got to the school.  Since I was a good 45 minutes early we listened to some music in the car before meandering over to the packet pickup.  It is a small local race so there was no line.  When I received our numbers for the walk/fun run ours were the only numbers in the pile.  That made me a bit nervous.  Maybe we were the only two in the race? We weren’t but I wasn’t too far off base.  The school was open so we had a dry place to relax and stretch.  They weren’t using the school bathrooms, only port a potties.  I also vaguely remember them having trouble finding the key for the port a potties.

The Race:  This is possibly the first chance I have had to win a race in a VERY long time and I let the opportunity slip through my hands.  There were maybe 5 kids, 6 older women (who planned on walking) my daughter and I.  I could have won!  It would have been glorious and I would have rubbed it into their little 9 year olds faces.  Sanity won out however and I ran with Kayleigh. 

     The race would have been nice on a nice day.  A little bit of pavement and then into the fields behind the school.  The rain quickly turned our sneakers into big heavy sloppy cement weights.  Our feet were soaked pretty quick.  The race ended on the track behind the school.  The crowd was very light but it was crappy weather and a small race.  The few people at the finished cheered on my daughter and that is all I would have asked for. The school mascot (a Viking) was there high fiving everyone which my daughter loved.

     I think we finished in approximately 12 minutes. They didn’t take our bib numbers which confused my daughter.  We didn’t show up on the results page either which was one of the things I wanted to show her.  There were only a handful of us, so it would have been easy to capture the times and get the kids names on the website.

     Obviously the 5k is the big draw and I get that.  I would just give a little more attention to those who did the fun run.  Give my daughter the full experience.  Take her bib number, record her time and place it with the race results.  That is one change I would suggest.

Post Race: They had a really nice assortment of pastries, oranges and water inside the school which was well done.  They had three big tables full of donuts and baked goods.  As usual, I took off pretty quickly after our race was done. I did treat my girl to Dunkin Donuts breakfast with me.  Nice morning for us and she enjoyed our time together.

Post Race

Goodies: We each got a cotton T-shirt.  About what you would expect for a race this size.
I would give the 1 Mile 2 stars.  Everyone was really friendly but a few simple touches could have made this a better experience for the 1 milers.  The course was well marked with helpful volunteers. I felt we were the afterthought of the event.  I would cut the race or just give it a little TLC.  Those kids competed too. I would consider running the 5k if it fit in my schedule next year.

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