Matzohball 5k 2011

This just sounded like a fun time to me.  I am not sure if I have ever even had (or seen) a matzoh ball but the race was close to home and I wanted to get in a race during June.  I am still searching for a July race but I may have to go without since I have vacation coming up at the end of the month.

I had no race photos, so...

    I also didn’t train for this race.  I ran twice between the Frederick Half-Marathon and this race.  Almost a whole month of not running.  I just didn’t have the motivation.  Just another reason I created this blog: to try to get myself moving and training.  I have my goal (NYC marathon) in November and I can’t wait until the last minute to train for that one. 

Race Day: I had little motivation on race morning due to my lack of training.  I felt this was a disaster waiting to happen.  I really just wanted to go back to bed.

     As usual I arrived about an hour early for the race.  It was at Centennial Park in Columbia which was also holding the Howard County Health Expo.  I was initially confused on where to go for registration.  If I had followed the crowd I would have went right to it but I ended up wandering down by the Expo setup first.  Registration was quick and painless as it should be.  They were also raffling off an I-Pad2 for 10$ a ticket.  Everyone was super friendly and spoke to some of the volunteers before the race who said they would keep an eye out for me (it told them I might be dying by the end of the race).  I also spoke to a retired Army guy before the race and we reminisced about being in the service for a few minutes. I am not usually a talker but the spirit of the Matzoh took over.

The Race:  The course itself meandered through Centennial Park.  I had only been there once and didn’t realize that is was that big.  It was a rolling course, up and down smallish hills. I had some odd sharp pain in my shoulder so I ran keeping my arm close to my body and up high.  I am sure I looked rather strange.  At least I didn’t have a pebble like the race in Frederick. I saw my Army buddy at one of the switch back areas so I gave him a “Go Army”. I was expecting a bigger hill at the end so I was conserving energy.  That hill never came so when I turned a corner and saw the finish line I actually had a burst for the end.  I haven’t had any gas in the tank at the end of any of my previous races so it was nice to have a kick.  They were also calling bib numbers ahead to the finish line so they announced runner’s names as they came to the finish (nice touch). I finished in 26:40-ish (the website is down so I can’t confirm my time).  I couldn’t complain after how little I did to prepare.

Post Race: I actually hung around for the awards ceremony for this race.  I think in the back of my mind I was hoping I could wiggle a third place for my age category (not that I deserved it).  Alas I was not even close.  They had a former basketball player handing out the awards (I never heard of him).  Nice to have a special presenter on hand to get photos with (once again, nice touch).  I did get a certificate for a free pint of Matzohball soup. They had the usual bagels, oranges, water to sip on.  It was a real friendly crowd with a lot of people congratulating each other.  The Howard Health Expo was there as well so you could wander down the hill to check that out as a bonus.  My family wasn’t with me so I headed home to see them.

"One Cool Dude"

Goodies:  They had a fun shirt with a Matzohball on it and it said “One Cool Dude”.  Catchier than most race shirts.  My wife thought it was the best shirt yet.  I also got a coupon for free soup (so I ended up with 2).

******I would have to give this race 5 stars for the size or the race, the great atmosphere, fun shirt and challenging course.  I would definitely run this race again next year and would probably see if my wife/daughter were interested in the 1 mile fun walk/run.  There was a decent crowd for that as well. 

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