Carbonite: It was good enough for Han Solo…


Disclaimer:  This is obviously not a race review.  More of a Public Service Announcement.   

2 June 2011.  A night like most others .  That’s when it happened.  That’s when I got the call. “Babe, something is wrong with the computer.” Being a highly skilled computer technician I knew what needed to be done without ever looking at it.  “Just reboot,” I hollered back down to the basement and went on my merry way pleased that I was able to assist.

<20 minutes elapse> Wife arrives flustered at the bedroom door.

Wife:   “There is something wrong with the computer.”

Me:    “I told you to reboot.”

Wife:   “I can’t”

<confused look on my face just provokes anger from my wife>

Wife:    “It is just making a buzzing noise. Like bees.”

Me:      “I’ll go have a look” (said in a condescending I will fix it in a snap voice)

     Well she was right.  The screen was frozen and it was buzzing like a bee.  I turn it off with the power button and turn it back on, confident I have solved the crisis and will be able to impress my wife with my IT savy. Except it never came back.

An hour later googling “computer buzzes like bee” on my laptop offered no assistance. I did discover those words are the partial lyrics to an Uncle Kracker song.

So where is this going?  All of our iTunes and photos were on that computer.  Ten years of photos had been entrusted to me.  Do I backup my stuff?  Sure. Sometimes.  Maybe it had been a few days…or weeks or months.  No one is perfect. Hell the computer was only a little over a year old (aka just out of warrantee). 

Carbonite,the preffered tool of Jabba the Hut

Luckily I have a subscription with Carbonite to backup my stuff.  It does it automatically.  Set it and forget it.  I was able to restore everything in a few hours to an older computer.  Carbonite may have saved my life. 

Just keep this in mind when you are saving all those digital files and not always taking the proper care to back them up.  You just never know when your computer may start buzzing like a bee….



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