Trail running?

I was desperate for a race in July and I finally found one.  It is the Rosaryville Trail run which has races from 10k to 50k.  Since I have never done a trail run I selected the 10k.  I have absolutely no idea what to expect this weekend.  When I hear trail run I think of high school X-country and running through the park.  I am starting to think it may be more than that.  The trails may not be as well maintained as I think.  Will I have to dodge trees, ford streams, climb mountains, and avoid bears?  No clue.  I can’t seem to find any reviews of the race so I am really out on a limb here.  If anyone has any experience doing this sort of race, I would appreciate any tips.  My plan is to wear old cloths and sneakers in case I fall in a mud pit or swamp.  Outside of that I have no idea what I am getting into.

We will see what Sunday holds and I will get a review out should I survive.  If not I leave everything to my cat, Mr Cuddles.


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