Rosaryville Trail Run

The Rosaryville Trail run was not meant to be.  At least not for me.  At least not for this year.  I was very excited for my first trail running experience and even though I was not in optimal shape I thought I would have a great experience.

Pre Race:  Two days before the race I received an email from Blue Point Timing.  They provided all of the pre-race essentials I thought were lacking on the website.  The included directions, a course description, a course map, what to expect, and what you will get (medals!).  The email ended with what would be up being a curse:  Stay healthy.

Now I have been blessed with not having many running injuries over my life.  Really the only thing that has ever prevented me from racing (outside of laziness) is a buttocks injury that I would rather not discuss.  So staying healthy has never been a problem.

Until the night before the race…..

Now the official story of what happened that night is that I lifted a car off of a trapped child and then dropped said car on my foot breaking my right middle toe (the one who ate roast beef). Unofficially I was doing something much more dangerous.  I was folding laundry.  I imagine that the number of people that break toes while folding laundry is very high.  Probably happens a billion times a year since it is so precarious. I am surprised that more effort has not put in to warning the general public about this hazard.  I suspect a government conspiracy.  Let me be the whistle-blower to warn you how deadly this simple task can really be.  Let this be your wakeup call.


Broken arrow


Here is the sequence of events from that fateful evening:

2100 hours: Wife asks if there is laundry in the dryer (meaning go get it)

2115 hours: After stalling to make it seem like my idea, I go get the laundry (in your face)

2118 hours: Begin folding

2119 hours: I go to put away one of my shirts and kick the bed post. In an act of sheer courage and bravado I hold in a number of handy obsceneties (my daughter was present).

I was hoping it was just sprained or bruised, so I woke up at 5am and tested it.  It was worse.  Purple and painful and difficult to walk on.  I entertained the notion of toughing it out so I would have a great story of overcoming the odds and finishing the race, hobbling across the finish line.  But why make it worse? I thought about showing up and volunteering but it was 5am and my bed called me back.  I know I suck.

Post-Race:  I did receive and email from the race organizers on Sunday with my stats:

Your overall finish place was  and your age group finish place
was .  Your overall finish percentile was 0 while your age group
percentile was ***.  Your time of  gave you a       pace per mile

That is accurate.

-This race benefits a number of groups including the Wounded Warrior Foundation which is one of the few charities I fully support.

So I really have nothing to review.  If you happened to attend the race, please feel free to leave a note on what you thought about the race.  I will try and attend it next year, hopefully I will be a little more careful with my laundry the day before…

For more information:


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