Acts of goad

Pre-disclaimer: “goad” is not a typo, but an inside joke.  As in “Mommy, who is goad?”

Let me start off with a short disclaimer: Yes I know that the west coast has an earthquake every 20 minutes and most of you sleep through them unless they are 7.0 or above on the handy Richter scale. I also know some of you up north and down south on the east coast felt “something”. For those of us that have never experienced an earthquake, and were in the greater VA, DC, MD area, it was definitely something.

Tuesday August 23rd @ 1:51 pm

It is less scary on paper

Like most people I believe the first thought was a low flying plane, somebody moving something heavy or somebody just dropped something. Then it became more noticeable when bigger objects like cabinets and desks started to shake. I believe the quote from where I work was “we have to get out of this decrepit piece of S*** building”. Which is what we did. Apparently you should stay where you are and get under a desk. Let me say that my building is old, and half of it already burned down (true). I am not hanging around waiting to see if the building is going to collapse. I will trust my not so nimble, not so cat like reflexes to get me out safe.

Some notes:

-I think the people I was around were pretty calm. Surprised but calm.

-I know my biggest concern was for my family. Once we were in contact with each other, it didn’t seem like such a big deal. Of course getting in contact took a little time. Texting and Facebook were more reliable than cell service.

-My 7 year old asked if we had the earthquake at our work too. (aww.. cute)

-The 40+ year old who drove the school bus asked a gathered crowd of parents if we knew there was an earthquake “at school”. (not cute and a little scary)

Of course none of this has anything to do with running. Considering this is my blog and only three people read it and possibly only 1 runner, I think I can post pretty much what I like. But in an attempt to tie it together, I have a second act of god.

Hurricane Irene:

She is supposed to come through the Maryland area on Sunday morning. That would be the same time as the Annapolis 10 Miler (or the A10). A note on the website says: “No, a hurricane will not cancel the race. We will run, rain or shine.”

I hope it is a tail wind. I am sure that  some people, who take everything literally, will contact them about race safety….I know they will use good judgement to decide whether or not to hold the race. I imagine if people and trees are blowing around they might cancel.

The race elevation looks scarier on paper

Assuming the race goes on (my prediction is that the storm turns east and we just get wet), it should be interesting. I will consider it a good day if I meet the 12:00 min/mile pace that is the minimum to receive the race premium.


5 thoughts on “Acts of goad

  1. The Annapolis emergency management team cancelled the Annapolis 10 mimed about an hour before I posted. Give me premium and we can call it even. Or automatically enter me in next years race.

  2. Caren, I didn’t want to name names and have people think that Paige is not being brought up in the same Christian environment as Kay. Kay can at least identify churches by the “plus signs” they usually have out front. I believe she thinks they are a group of mathmaticians. But yes, Paige is the originator of the “goad” comment.

  3. These are much better than your comments on the Big Blue E-mail msgs! Wait at minute, I haven’t seen any comments on the Big Blue msg train lately!


    • I knew you might appreciate some of my posts UD. My heart hasn’t been with Big Blue yet this year. We only got one game down here so far. I will strive to do better. I was hoping Butch might post something but he “doesn’t do blogs…”.

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