Review of Reviews

My goal is to beat this kid next year....

End of the Year Review of Reviews:

What an odd year it has been.  I don’t think I had ever suffered an injury that really kept me out of running for more than a week.  …and then I turned 40.  This year I enjoyed a broken middle toe and my first pulled hamstring.  I missed at least 2 races because of my fragility this year.  In addition my injuries, I missed one race due to thunderstorms and a second due to a hurricane (The Annapolis 10 miler).  So for a blog that is supposed to be focused on race reviews (and more specifically Maryland race reviews), I didn’t have that many races to review.  Hopefully I will do better next year.

Here are my limited awards for 2011:

Best Race, Best 5k, Best Race Involving Zombies:The First Ever Run For Your Lives 5k

–You would assume that any 5k which included a record slow 5k time (about 1 hour), a grade 2 pulled hamstring, and finishing “dead” would be bad day.  Quite the contrary for this race.  I swear I laughed and screamed for the entire hour.  I haven’t run anything like it and suggest you give a try as it gains popularity.  Please check out their website:

Best Half-Marathon: The Frederick Half Marathon

–I had my best half marathon time of the year at this race with a rock in my shoe the entire time.  The organizers made it easy to register and pick up the packets and they seem to listen to the runners.  Also it boasts a great course with great crowd participation.  Nice premium.

Two races that I missed that I really want o review next year:

-Annapolis 10-miler: Thanks for the premium in 2011, I hope to get to try the race in 2012. Stupid hurricane.

-Rosaryville Trail Run: Enjoy my donation from this year and hopefully see you in 2012.  Stupid broken toe.

Early thoughts on races for next year:

—B&A Trail Half, Frederick Half.  Maybe the Baltimore Half, maybe Hershey again, or maybe something in NJ

—Matzohball 5k, Race for Your Lives, Hawthorne Purple and Blue Challenge Run, maybe one of those Warrior Dashes


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