Benfield Elementary 5k and 1 Mile Fun Run

It has been awhile since my last race and review.  I took sometime off for my pulled hamstring and then some time to take care of some personal business.  Hopefully, I am healthy  for the rest of the year and I can review some new races and re-review some I ran last year.  I have already registered for the Run For Your Lives 5k (11:00 wave), the Annapolis 10 Miler, The Matzohball 5k.I figured I better start off with a simple race and work my way back into shape. My daughter showed some interest in trying a 1 mile race so I found this one which was only 10 minutes from our house.  I also went with a small race that wouldn’t overwhelm my little girl.


 I found the Benfield Elementary on the Running in the USA website and two things caught my interest right away.  The race only cost $10 for the 1 mile and the race was only 10 minutes from our house.  Since it was close and cheap I signed up my whole family.

About 5 days before the race I received an email from the race organizers which provided two early pickup times for the bibs.  One on Thursday morning and another on Friday afternoon.  Since the majority of people entering this race attend the school these were probably very convenient.  I stopped by on Friday and barely had to get out of my car to get my stuff.  The had a table setup outside the school and I pulled up 10 feet from the table, got my goodie bag and was out of there in 2 minutes.  I believe they had race day pickup for those that needed it.

I received a second email the day before the race warning of some road closures.  Not being familiar with the area, I appreciated the warning so I could plan a different route to the race.

Race Day:

The 5k started at 8 but our race didn’t start until 9 so we got to sleep in a little bit.  The race site was St Andrews Swim and Tennis Club which was easy to get to and  had ample parking.  We had about 30 minutes to kill so we cheered on some of the folks running the 5k.  They had a local fitness instructor on hand to lead the 1 Milers in some stretching and warm-ups before the race which was a nice touch. The weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot or too cold.

Kay and I

The Race: 

This was a 1 Mile fun and run and it did not disappoint.  My daughter and I had run 1.5 miles a couple of times so I knew she could do it.  It was a straight shot down the road and back with water available at the turn around.  Our goal was to have fun and we did. We finished around 1330, and held each others hands up in victory as we crossed the finish line. My wife came up behind us a minute later and we celebrated our success together. Kids got a plastic medal as they crossed the finish line.

Post Race:

 They had a very nice post race party.  There was water, oranges, bagels and cream cheese, pretzels and apple slices available to participants after the race and there was plenty fo everyone.  It was a school fundraiser so they had a silent auction (Redskins tickets, Nationals tickets, and a Botox treatment were among the items up for bid).  They also had artwork the children had made up for auction.  If you went to the school you could bid on lunch with teacher X or ice cream with teacher Y.  Really cute stuff.  I wonder if they would have let me visit the school and have lunch with a teacher if I outbid everyone else.  Awkward but funny.  The also had a dunk tank in which Mr Somethingoranother bravely faced a long line of kids (I have on good authority that if there was a teacher of the year at this school it would be him).  If you wanted to pay $1.00 you could put a friend in the dog house for a certain amount of time.  Finally they had some games the kids could play to stay occupied.   We spent our time climbing a tree and waiting in line for snow cones.

The after party


A cotton Benfield Elementary School T-Shirt.  They are the bulldogs so the shirt had “Who Let the Dogs Out?” on the back.  Everyone got one of those environmentally friendly grocery bags that had the New Balance logo on it.  You also received a free snow cone.  So $10 got you a shirt, snow cone, a race and post race snacks.  Add to that a really family friendly environment and you had  a great day.

*****I would have to give it 5 stars for what it was: a family friendly local school fundraiser.  We were probably the only people who did not have a child who attended the school but we never felt like outsiders.  You easily get your monies worth and more. I would suggest it for families looking for a healthy morning out.  If you are looking for glory and medals and prize money then this race wouldn’t be for you.


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