Glen Burnie Improvement Association 5k

This race is literally down the street from where we live and only cost $15 so I decided to give it a shot. I was glad I did.

Pre-Race:  Not much in the way of Pre-Race communications, not that you needed any.  Still it probably wouldn’t hurt to send an email out to participants with basic reminders (packet pickup, race time, parking).  Not everyone is as familiar with the area as us locals. There was a Facebook page which is always helpful if you have questions.

Race Day:  Beautiful day for a race.  Not too hot and not too cold.  There is an entire parking garage (free) next to the start line so parking couldn’t be easier.  All of the race activities and booths were setup right next to the start line, so I walked right up and received my packet and timing chip (I was pleasantly surprised that a smaller race would use timing chips–thank you). Below is a picture from the parking garage.  The paved trail in the foreground is the one used for the entire race.

Start line, the trail and the packet pickup

The Race:  The entire race takes place on the B & A trail.  This is the north end of the same trail used in the B&A Half Marathon and the Annapolis 10 Mile Run.  This section is flat and fast.  1.5 miles out and back.  I was concerned that we would be sharing the trail with other bikers, walkers and runners, but it never was really a problem.  I do think the marker for mile 2 was in the wrong spot.  We turned around and then ran into the 2 mile marker moments later.  Not a big deal for me, but if you relied on their markers it could throw off your pace. There was also a water point along the way if you needed it. I had a pretty good race and finished in 24:47.

Post Race:  They did a nice job with the after race refreshments.  They had plenty of water, Power bars, bagels, apples and orange slices. A volunteer stood at the finish line handing out waters.  I waited and cheered for all of the runners before heading for the exit.

Goodies: Pretty good actually.  You get a long sleeve shirt, a jump rope, a coupon for a free cone at Bruster’s, a sample Dove deodorant. 2$ a Dove deodorant, a small insect repellant, a mini first aid kit and a magnet for the fridge.  So I paid $15 dollars and got all of this and a well-managed race. You almost have to do this race or you are losing money.

***** I would give it 4 stars.  It was well-managed from start to finish and extremely convenient if you live in the Glen Burnie area.   $15 is too good to be true and you probably get back every penny.  They were a little slow with getting the results out, but overall they put on a fine race.  The course is flat so it is a good place to try to set a PR.



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