Sunny Maple @ Ole Mink Farm Resort

I know that this site is primarily reviews of races in Maryland, but let’s be honest here:  I don’t have what anyone would consider to be a large reader following and  I also realize I can pretty much do what I want with this site.  Fire me if you don’t like it.

I have wanted to find a nice secluded cabin to stay in and get away from life in the Beltway.  I have been “camping” in the Army and that was not what I was looking for.  I wanted something away from the city lights but with some comforts (indoor plumbing was a must). I also wanted to bring my dog along since he usually gets left out and left behind.  It is easy to find a cabin, but not always easy to find one that is pet friendly.

I searched for a while and kept coming back to Ole Mink Farm Resort near Thurmont.  It is in Maryland and had pet friendly options. And it was reasonably priced. So I booked it and last weekend (Veteran’s Day weekend) we went. This is what we got:

Sunny Maple

Sunny Maple

It was just what I was hoping for.  It may not be as secluded as some people would like (there are other camp sites, RVs and cabins close by) but it was just what I was looking for.  Secluded without feeling like a horror movie set or Deliverance.

The owners were absolutely wonderful.  Very warm and inviting.  Double thumbs up for helping us get our food delivered to the cabin when the kids were too tired to head out to town for dinner.  They went WELL above and beyond what I would expect at any place I have ever stayed.

The cabin was warm and inviting just the like the owners.  It was 2 bedrooms, a kitchen/dining area and then a wonderful spot by the free-standing fireplace. If the weather was warmer we could have enjoyed the front deck and fire pit some more. If you didn’t want to lose touch with the rest of the world, they had some limited TV and descent (and free) Wi-Fi access.

We spent most of our time relaxing at the cabin.  My daughter brought her best pal so they spent their time walking the dog and going on mini hikes.  When they got tired we had tons of games to play and keep them amused. Most importantly we had S’mores by the campfire every night.  That was a big hit even though it dipped below freezing.  Personally I was content to sit by the indoor fireplace with my feet up and trusty canine by my side.

Denver doing what he does best

Denver doing what he does best

We did wander into town a little.  We found all of the local fast food places and learned if you need a Target or Wal-Mart it is 15 miles (if you forget to bring your own linens).  We meant to try some local restaurants, but the girls were too tired.

Halfway to the top

Halfway to the top

We also hiked a little in the Catoctin Mountains.  We hired a short trail near the resort called Falls Trail which took us to a nearby waterfall (go figure).  There were tons of other trails nearby but we had some pretty inexperienced hikers.  The falls and back was enough for us.

Just to tie in running with this post, I did run about 3 miles in the morning out Old Mink Farm Road and back.  There is one big hill out there which ate me for breakfast.  I did conquer the hill up to the cabin though.  The fresh clean air was confusing to my body which is used to more car emissions and general pollution when I run.

My "Artsy" Photo

My “Artsy” Photo

I was sad to leave on Sunday and missed the owners on our way out.  If we had seen them I would have told them that we had a wonderful time, I would suggest it to anyone looking to get away (especially with 4 legged friends) and I would love to go back if they would have me.—And I want one of those coffee mugs in the picture above.

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