Reindeer Run 5k – Ft Meade Race Series

I was looking for a 5k close to home and I had been thinking about trying one of the Ft Meade Race Series races.  It was only $15 in advance and you can’t find too many races that cheap.  It is on Ft Meade, near the NSA so I don’t have any pictures. I didn’t want to get arrested on spying charges for unauthorized photo taking. I am pretty sure that if you are that close to NSA they can probably read your mind anyway.

I will add NSA to my list of tags and see if I can increase my website visits.  I just hope they don’t decide to visit me at my home.

I am sure NSA monitors this site.

I am sure NSA monitors this site.

Pre-Race:  I didn’t get much in the way of communication once I registered online for this race. If you need information you need to check the Ft Meade MWR website. There won’t be any last minute reminders or final instructions. I was able to pickup my packet early which is rare for me, but Ft Meade is pretty convenient.
Race Day:  I know my way around Ft Meade a little bit so I didn’t really pay attention to where the race was going to be held. I sort of expected that there would be signs directing you where to go. I ended up checking the website and discovered it was at Murphy Fieldhouse. I am sure Google would get you there, but don’t expect a military escort. I got there only 30 minutes early but there was plenty of parking. Since I was registered I only had to await the start of the race. I didn’t realize this until after the race, but you could go inside the gym and stay warm. I also think they had free jingle bells or reindeer antlers if you were so inclined. I was a little surprised they did not play the National Anthem before the start of race.

The Race: I couldn’t have asked for a better course.  Flat and well marked.  I would love to know if it was measured at 3.1.  If anyone ran with a GPS let me know.  I only question the distance because I ran a 22.01 which was faster than my previous best by 1.5 minutes and about 2.5 minutes faster than my last race in November.  I felt good the entire race so maybe I had an awesome day.  I am going to go with my awesomeness unless someone knows otherwise.

Post-Race: I stuck around after the race to see if my awesomeness translated into a medal (it did not) and was rewarded with a toasty gymnasium to enjoy water, bagels, granola bars and candy canes. I wasn’t impressed with the tiny bathroom sized water cups.  It was extra sweet to be nice and warm inside while they presented the awards.

Post-post Race: They said we could get the results by mid-week from the Ft Meade MWR website and the timing company website (  It is Friday and I only see it on the website. They don’t have it broken out by age category either.  If it gets fixed let me know.  It is annoying to not know where you placed in your age category. I am happy with 23 out of 257 though..

Meredith modeling the shirt and antlers..

Meredith modeling the shirt and antlers..

Goodies: You get your T-shirt (cotton) as well as some antlers or jingle bells.  Pretty straight forward but not bad considering the $15 entrance fee.

Overall I would give it 4 stars. For $15 dollars it is a decent race. I think the indoor area (pre and post race) is awesome. My biggest issue was the lack of / incomplete race results. Nice course, friendly atmosphere with all the amenities you would expect at a small scale 5k with a great price tag.



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