Freeze Your Buns Run 5k

This event is put on by Charm City Run in support of Special Olympics Maryland. It goes hand in hand with Polar Bear Plunge that is taking place next week. I hate cold water so you won’t catch me there but it is for an excellent cause.
I am trying to participate in a race per month so this was my choice for January. It picked it because it is an easy to get to location and a company (Charm City Run) that has a good reputation for putting on events. It was $30 to register.

Pre-Race:     I received three emails prior to race day, encouraging me to fund-raise and providing me with race details. I appreciate the reminder emails and last-minute details so I don’t have to dig through old emails or through the event website. I like the “what,where and when” so it is at my fingertips on the drive to the race if I need it for reference. There is a pre-race pickup available, but I am willing to brave a 0900 pickup time with the race starting at 1000. Hopefully the later time will lead to slightly warmer temperatures.

Race Day:  Freeze Your Buns is an accurate name for the race.  It was about 32 degrees, but with the wind it was below zero.  The race was held at Anne Arundel Community College and I was able to easily follow the signs around campus to the starting line.  Registration and packet pickup was located INDOORS which was a break from the cold and the wind. I was able to get my shirt and number in no time and went back to my car. I could have probably stayed in the building, but I like stretching in the back of my car and listening to the radio waiting for the race.

The Race:   The course is pretty flat with some slight up and down grades throughout the campus. I was a little disappointed with how I ran the race.  With about 1/2 mile left I looked behind me and realized no one was going to catch me from behind.  I wish I had pushed through to the finish.  I finished in 22:14 which was 5 seconds behind 3rd place for my age group and 15 seconds behind 2nd place.  I was 11th overall which was pretty good.

Finish Line

Finish Line

Post-Race:   It was freezing so I grabbed a water (they had water, bananas and apples) and quickly found my way back to my car to stay warm. At this point I figured I had a 50/50 chance of a getting a medal so I wandered out of my warm car just in case. Close but no cigar this time.  The organizers did have the results posted before the medal ceremony concluded (The Ft Meade Organizers should take note).

Goodies:  A long sleeve cotton T-shirt .

The race shirt

The race shirt

***Overall I would say 3.5 stars.  It was a pretty average race but for a great cause, Maryland Special Olympics. I think we got lucky for a race in January. No snow, rain or ice just freezing temperatures. With so few races in January and with Special Olympics as the recipient of the fundraising I would probably do this one again.

WEBSITE for Special Olympics Maryland:

WEBSITE for Charm City Run:


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