MS Walk Annapolis 2014

I got involved with the MS Walk Annapolis through GGB Elite Cheer, Dance and Poms. They are the AMAZING local cheer organization and part of the Greater Glen Burnie Junior Sports League. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We were looking for a charity event to cheer for, and this honor fell into our laps.

Who are they? Walk MS connects people living with MS and those who care about them. It is an experience unlike any other – a day to come together, to celebrate the progress we’ve made and to show the power of our connections.

What do they do? When you participate in Walk MS, the funds you raise give hope to the more than 6,000 people living with MS in our community. The dollars raised support life-changing programs and cutting-edge research. Every connection counts.

What Is MS?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body.


Start of the 2014 MS Walk

Start of the 2014 MS Walk

It was a beautiful day for a walk.  We arrived around 0930 and they ushered us to the starting line.  On the way we got to visit all of the supporter’s booths and get a bunch of freebies.  There were water bottles, bags, pens, and enough tchotchkes to fill Santa’s sack.  Most importantly, there was also a ton of information on MS. I learned more about MS in a 15 minute stroll through the vendors than I had learned in my entire life. There were amazing stories of struggle and resolve to be heard if you spent a minute to listen.

GGB Elite Cheer Dance and Poms

GGB Elite Cheer Dance and Poms

Our girls cheered as the walkers left the stadium and cheered them on as they returned.  You can’t help but smile when someone is cheering for you, and we got a lot of smiles and high fives as the walkers entered the stadium.

Ms Maryland and Ms Teen Maryland giving our girls the "thumbs up"

Ms Maryland and Ms Teen Maryland giving our girls the “thumbs up”

After the walk, they had plenty of delicious food donated by local community businesses, such as Trader Joe’s, Panera and Applebee’s. Brewster’s Ice Cream was also on hand with samples (they also had a walking team aptly named the Banana Splits). An awesome show of support from the local community.  Bravo!

Trader Joe's Supporting the Walk

Trader Joe’s Supporting the Walk





A big hit with all the kids was the face painting by Neverland.  I have seen them at a couple of events and they are great at what they do.  It isn’t easy to paint a hundred faces and meet the lofty expectations of an 8-year-old, but they seem to pull it off.

What kid doesn't like face painting?

What kid doesn’t like face painting?

This is an awesome event.  It is exciting to see the community come together over an event like this.  It was also a great chance for our girls to give back to the community. I was very proud of our girls (as always). It was the first time I had done any volunteering for a walk or a run and it was wonderful to watch the smiles as people finished the walk.  At the finish there were people embracing, tears, high-fives, cheering and a lot of fist pumping.  I encourage you to get out and volunteer for an event like this.  It is just a few hours of your time, but would mean so much to so many.

For more information visit:

National MS Society:

Maryland Walk MS:

Shout Outs:

Greater Glen Burnie Junior Sports League:

GGB Elite Cheer, Dance and Poms:

Neverland face Painting and Theme Parties:
“Welcome to Neverland” is their Facebook page.

Brewster’s Ice Cream:

Trader Joe’s:



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