KT Tape experiment

Since I finished the B&A Half marathon I have been experiencing pain in my right foot(on the top). The first day there were moments of “Holy Sh*t” this hurts time pain but it was never anything substantial. An occasional twinge and then just a general ache. I stayed off of it as much as I could and iced it for a week and cut out all running and biking. The pain faded into a soreness so after a week I decided to try the stationary bike. No pain just a little soreness. Excellent. So yesterday I decided to try a 4 mile run. It started out fine, but I definitely felt soreness and it definitely increased as time went on. I never had to stop and I never felt any sharp pain.

That brings me to today. After practicing my Google Medicine I came to a few possibilities:

1. Stress Fracture

2. Extensor Tendonitis

3. Shoelaces are too tight

4. Sneakers are too old

I am not a fan of #1. That leaves me with 2,3,4. I can loosen my laces, and I can buy new sneakers if necessary but how do I deal with Extensor Tendonitis. Internet doctors have the usual answers: rest, ice, ibuprofen etc… I also saw many people mention KT or Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape. Some people swear by it, others call it hogwash. For $20 ($16 with my Rite Aid discount) I figured it is worth a shot. I have seen more and more athletes with the colorful and mysterious tape adorning their body like tiger stripes. So here I go. I am going to tape up today and see what happens. I have no KT affiliation so this will be my honest opinion, and I realize it may differ from yours.

To tape or not to tape..

To tape or not to tape..

Do you have any experience with KT Tape (or similar products)? How about Extensor Tendonitis?


One thought on “KT Tape experiment

  1. I’m a web MD self diagnoser too! Haha I have never used KT tape, but I’ve heard it does wonders. I don’t know where your foot pain is, so this may be way out in left field…have you considered plantar fasciitis? (Not considered, like suggesting you should give it a try, just a 2nd Web MD opinion! ;-)) It’s a very common running injury, I had it a couple of years ago (OF COURSE, self diagnosed! lol) I did lots of calve stretches, rolled my foot on frozen stuff, and wore a night splint to bed. It definitely helped.

    Good luck recovering, whatever you injury happens to be. Injuries can be very frustrating set-backs, but I’m sure you’ll be back in full swing in no time!

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