Johns Hopkins University Blue Jay 5k

My allergist,  recommended this race to me.   The race is to support Lymphoma Research and she was running to support a friend.  I credit my her with getting me back out on the running trails.  She cleared up my asthma and allergies which had made me VERY VERY miserable for a long time (like 10 years long). So I had the date open, and I had never really been to the Johns Hopkins Campus.  5k and a good cause: sign me up.

Being a Web Doctor I was excited to be around some of my colleagues.  I find that us self-diagnosers are not accepted by the medical community, but I thought maybe this would be my chance to bridge the gap.  Apparently I was wrong.  Just because I don’t know all of the “sciency” stuff and didn’t get a “Ph.D” I was a bit of an outsider.

On to the race…

Pre-Race:  I received a confirmation email with race details the day before.  They also had a Facebook page with the details posted.   I had to chuckle at the event website which (even after the race is over) is touting the race will be in 2 weeks.

Race Day: A beautiful Spring day.  It was almost too warm which is in stark contrast to 2 weeks ago when it was wet and cold (and snowed that evening).The 0945 start time meant it would be a bit warmer, but since it wasn’t extreme in any way I can’t complain. I got there early and found awesome parking right next Homewood Field.  I felt right at home by the Army ROTC Blue Jay Battalion building.

Go Army

Go Army

There was a lot going on at the Field House  where you picked up your packets and I am pretty sure I almost signed up for women’s lacrosse camp.  Since my kerfuffle at the PenguinPace 5k I always have a moment of trepidation until they find my name on the entrant’s list. Eventually I found the 5k race registration and I breezed through the process.

The Race:  The course was as beautiful as advertised.  It has rolling hills and meanders through the campus both on the roads and through the academic buildings.  It is hard to believe that you are in or even near the Baltimore you run through during parts of the Baltimore Marathon. The course was well-marked with chalk arrows on the pavement, and plenty of people on the course directing the runners.

My first mile was around 7 minutes and I thought I was in good shape to hit my goal of breaking 22:oo. 22 minutes seems to be a barrier for me.  Unfortunately my next two miles were slower and I ended up around 22:10.  I say “around” because I never saw a clock, but heard someone say it as I got near the finish.  It is one of the few issues I had with the race.

I liked that the spirited “MC” was calling out people in the race he knew and conducted some impromptu interviews with some of the racers he knew.  It was just a little something different.

Post Race: I did go and cheer on my favorite CRNP (who met her race goal). They had water and bagels (from Einstein’s Bagels).  I was a little surprised when they ran out of cups for the water and bagels. That doesn’t usually happen and it was a little warm to run out of water cups.

It seemed like a long wait between the end of the race and the awards ceremony but that may have been in my mind.  I believe they gave the overall winner an I-Pad Mini but everyone else got to choose their prize from a table (I personally prefer set awards for whatever categories they have).  I didn’t think my 22 minutes would get me any award and I had to get to the Baltimore Zoo by 1230 so I took off.

UPDATE 4/14/14: I was wrong.  Apparently I was good enough to be 3rd in my age category and my posted time was 22.03.

Goodies:  T-shirt and a gift certificate for Brick Bodies.

Blue Jay 5K Shirt

Blue Jay 5K Shirt

*****I would give the race 3.5 stars.  The course is scenic and challenging and the race is for a good cause.  I would tweak the website to better reflect when the race is happening (just 2 weeks away).  I would also ensure there is plenty of cups around if you are using the big Gatorade coolers instead of bottles. My personal preference is for specific awards at the end versus the cornucopia style grab bag.


Shameless Plug if you have allergies/asthma: Marjohn Rasooly, CRNP @ Allergy and Asthma Health Care in Glen Bunie.




3 thoughts on “Johns Hopkins University Blue Jay 5k

    • I love my allergist. Before I saw her I had the worst allergist. Shortness of breath, runny nose, constant sneezing. After a about a month I was able to breath and run. I lost 40lbs and have never felt better. It doesn’t hurt that she is a great listener and always seems concerned about how I am doing. And she is a runner (bonus points).

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