The 5 Day KT experiment

Day 1:

After watching a YouTube video on how to properly apply the tape for Extensor Tendonitis, I decided to take the plunge. I applied the first two on the top of my foot using an 80% stretch (I don’t really know what that means but they kept giving me percentages in the video). I think maybe I got a good 78% stretch. Who knows. The third piece required a quick “manscaping” of my lower ankle area. It looks slightly ridiculous but I stopped caring what other people thought was normal when I decided to be a runner (again). I ran the second piece from my toes up to my ankle with a 50% stretch. I may have hit 53% stretch. Then I tore it all off and tried again. This is what I have: I slept in a sock to keep it safe/dry/warm or just so it could feel special. I am at my 24 hour mark and I have to admit that I haven’t felt any pain yet. I plan on trying the old exercise bike tonight but I don’t think that will hurt it. Tomorrow when I run a couple of miles will be a better test. I am also going to try to re-lace my sneakers using the ladder method which will require more YouTube videos.


This is what I came up with

Day 2

I was able to spend 45 minutes on the treadmill without any noticeable pain. I didn’t expect the bike to evoke any wince inducing pain.  The better test will be tomorrow night when I run for a couple of miles.  I have also taken the time to ladder lace my running shoes and make sure they were a little looser than usual. As far as durability, the tape has survived a shower and a bath.

Day 3

Another day without foot pain.  Could this be miracle tape?  I wonder if I could wrap it around my entire body?  At 4o-ish I have enough aches and mystery pains to make that an intriguing proposition. I gave the tape a final test drive tonight as well.  I did a leisurely 3 mile jog and everything still seems fine.  Not even the slightest twinge of pain.  I have also re-laced and loosened my shoes which may also have contributed to lack of pain.  I am giving myself the green light to run on day 5.  The plan for tomorrow is to just rest it as much as possible.  I plan to get some new sneakers as well.  I have never had a person “properly” fit me for running shoes so I will see what Fleet Feet in Severna Park can do for me.  Maybe the type of shoe I am wearing is causing a problem or maybe my current kicks are just worn out.

I don't think I ever really loved you..

I don’t think I ever really loved you..

Day 4

The day before the race and still feeling fine.  I think I will switch the tape out today to make sure I have tape that has a full charge of magic fairy dust. I also decided that it was time to get some new sneakers, so I did.  Thanks to Fleet Feet in Severna Park.  They were wonderfully patient as I tried on a bunch of different sneakers.  Admittedly I usually choose my shoes based on price and how they look which may not be the smartest process.  This time I focused purely on how they fit.  I didn’t even ask the price until I had chosen my sneakers.  I ended up with these:

My lean and mean Saucony sneaks

My lean and mean Saucony sneaks

I figured  it would be safe to run in these even though they were brand new.  Worse case scenario I could survive 20 or so minutes with blisters.  Who can buy new sneakers and then not wear them. I re-taped my feet before I went to bed.

Day 5: 

Taped foot, check. Loose laces, check.  New sneakers, check.  I was ready to run on my new improved foot.  I stretched my calves and feet extra so I could rule that out as a possible culprit if my feet should start to ache. It was a beautiful day at the Johns Hopkins Blue Jay 5k.  Warm and sunny.  The race started off well.  I may have babied my foot in the beginning but as the race went on I gained more and more confidence in my magic tape.  22:03.1 minutes later I finished with my second fastest 5k since high school.  ….and no pain.


I have no studies or research to show you that this tape could possibly help. Even my wife wanted to know why I couldn’t just use regular tape like everyone else on the planet.  Studies vary.  Opinions vary.  Just like every other post I have written, opinions will vary. So here is mine.  I like it.  I believe I noticed a difference within a few days.  Maybe it was in my mind.  Maybe my foot just finally healed with time.  But maybe, just maybe there was something to it. It probably won’t cure Ebola or fix a broken leg but I would recommend it for Extensor Tendonitis.


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