10 Tips for Great Wolf Lodge (Williamsburg)

No race this week, but I wanted to review something.  We went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg Virginia for my birthday so I figured I might as well review that and pass along any lessons/tips I discovered.

I should mention up front that I received no discounts or anything special in return for my review.

Since it was my birthday we went ahead and tried just about everything.

Tip #1: This place is great for kids, and even better for a group of kids.  I probably wouldn’t come here if it was just my wife and I or a group of adults.

Tip #2: If you are planning on going to the other attractions in the area, there are cheaper hotels.  You are paying for the water park and the hotel cost isn’t worth it unless you are using the water park.

Tip #3: Get a Pup/Paw/Wolf Pass: We got both girls Wolf Passes and this worked out for the best.  The Wolf Pass gives you a bunch of extras and you save about 35%:

The girls with their Wolf Passes

The girls with their Wolf Passes

  • One MagiQuest or ShadowQuest Game
  • Compass Quest
  • Choice of Classic or Color Wand, Topper or Belt
  • One animal from Creation Station (outfit not included)
  • 12oz Mike and Ike® Candy Cup
  • Great Wolf Lodge Branded Swim Goggles
  • One Glitz Glitter Tattoo
  • 3D 6×8 Paw Prints Photo
  • One Play on Howlywood XD Theater
  • Two Plays at Olivers Time Challenge
  • One Play at 4D World
  • One Leather Treaty Bracelet or Keychain

Tip #4: If you get a wand and a game of Magiquest you will probably have to help you kids complete it.  Be prepared to wander up and down the hallways and stairs for a few hours.

Tip #5: This is a super place to go during the off-season.  No worries about the weather, the pool is always open.

Tip #6: Cabanas: Overpriced but would be great during football season (you get a TV). Otherwise go early and claim a prime spot/chairs.

Cabana de Chamberlin

Cabana de Chamberlin

Tip # 7: Room near, but not right next to the lobby.  The higher the better. It can be a bit of a jaunt from one end of the hotel to the center where everything is.  If you get too close to the main lobby area you may get annoyed by the kids running up and down the floors playing the Magi/Shadow/Compass Quest games. I prefer the top floor because I always seem to be below a pack of angry elephants stomping the floor  (or so I imagine)

Tip #8: Food. If you aren’t too tired, get away and eat at a cheaper restaurant.  They have a Dunkin Donuts and a Pizza place in the Lodge for cheaper options.  The snack bar by the pool had some descent snacks.  I liked the pretzel with the beer mustard.  The problem is that it is just too easy to stay in the hotel and eat at the overpriced buffet.  I never eat close to the amount that I am paying. I would suggest the Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, the Snack Bar or Pizza for lunch and get out of the place for dinner.

Tip #9: The arcade is a money sucking pit.  You play games, get tickets and trade them in for “prizes”.  You can easily spend money to get cheap prizes you would never buy.  That being said, my daughter always drags me in and we always leave with weird knickknacks.

Tip #10: Repeat customers get email deals which can help with the cost of the room.  Another good idea is to share a Suite with another couple and you can split the cost.

Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me

I would also like to say that the staff is always extremely friendly and helpful.  The seem truly interested in customer satisfaction and customer feedback. The lifeguard staff is particularly watchful.  I never saw them just chatting amongst themselves or not paying attention to their area. I don’t know what their training program is like but it is effective.

Website: http://www.greatwolf.com/


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