Dawson’s Father’s Day 10K

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It was a Father’s Day race so here are some Father’s Day Facts:

  1. I didn’t know my father even had tear ducts until we had to put our cat Morris to sleep. We both cried on the way home from that adventure although neither one of us particularly liked that stupid cat. I clearly remember us both muttering “stupid cat” and “it was the right thing to do” between tears.
  2. My father knows one random phrase in Hebrew. Based on his usage I do not believe it is flattering.
  3. I don’t think my father took a sick day during my childhood. Ever.
  4. I don’t thank him enough for not killing me during a number of incidents where he would have been within his legal rights to do so. Ninja on the roof, younger brother fire drills, indoor football/chandelier incident and how I cut my college education short to name a handful.
Dad and I (1971)

Dad and I (1971)

Pre-Race: I registered online for $10.  You can’t beat that price.  If you are a member of the Annapolis Strider’s it is even cheaper.  This race is one of the legs of their Championship series.

Race Day:  I think this is the third race in a row that I stayed up late and ate way too much the night before.  On the morning of the race I was less than enthused with getting myself up early. But I did.

I was surprised by how many people were at the event.  I showed up at 0715 and I was close to not being able to park in the High School parking lot.  I scurried down to the registration area afraid there would be long lines and I wouldn’t have time to stretch.  The Annapolis Striders were on top of the process as usual.  I waited less than a minute before receiving my number.  I had plenty of time to stretch/warm-up.  I would suggest showing up early to ensure you can park in the extremely convenient Severna Park High School parking lot.

*****I did see 2 fashion choices I hadn’t seen before.  One was a man in a half-shirt.  The other was a man in jeans running the race.  I don’t judge, just noting it wasn’t something you see often. *****

Back to the 80s

Back to the 80s?

The Race:  This was the second 10K I had run since High School and the first one was untimed.  I knew I had a Personal Record if I could finish (I had previously listed my 10K time as 65-ish). My goal was to try and stick to an 8:30/mile pace and not get hurt.

I really wasn’t expecting there to be that many people in the race so I was a little nonchalant about lining up for the start.  It wasn’t until the gun went off that I realized I was near the back of almost 500 racers.  I spent the first mile dodging and dancing my way through the crowd to find some elbow room and run at my pace.  After that I just continued to move forward, feeling stronger the entire race.

I was coming down the home stretch passing a young gentlemen when someone from the crowd yelled “Gus, don’t let that guy beat you”.  To be honest, I had plenty of juice left and could have sprinted to the end.  Instead I decided to give Gus a hand. I picked up the pace but stayed just off his right shoulder and encouraged him.  “Don’t let this old guy beat you. Come on Gus! Don’t let them rub it in your face all day that an old man beat you.” He picked up the pace and I am glad to report that Gus finished right before me (and took 3rd for his age group – well done Gus).

Gus then turned to the left and puked.  Sorry Gus. My official Strider’s non-chip time was 48:18.34.  My Garmin time was 47:53.

Dad with Kay

Dad with Kay (2003)

Post Race:  I actually relaxed in the shade for about thirty minutes and enjoyed some pretzels, a banana and water.  They also had animal crackers, Gatorade and bagels.  If you decided to buy a shirt, the Strider’s had plenty of stuff on hand.  I like the option of buying a shirt for a smaller race. I don’t know if organizers make any money off of the shirt sales (even when they are rolled into the registration).  If anyone knows I would be interested in learning how much an organization pockets from registration costs.  Surely someone has broken it down.

But I digress…I relaxed, stretched and cheered on some runners before heading out to ride 10 miles in preparation for my first duathlon (that should be a PR if I finish).

Goodies: Food and snacks.  No shirt but I only paid $10.

Overall rating: ****I’d give it 4 stars.  You can’t beat the price.  For $10 I got a well managed, timed race with course support (2 water stations and crossing guards) and refreshments at the end.  It may not have a “Wow” factor but it is a solid 10K from a runner’s perspective.


Medals for Everyone

Kay and I



2 thoughts on “Dawson’s Father’s Day 10K

  1. Hey bro,

    Great time! Not bad to set a goal of an 8:30 mile and you actually average 7:46. Impressive Sean. Now how can we get you under 20 mins for a 5k?

    Great job….love the pics of your dad. A little scary how much he looks like you.


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