All-American Sports Fest Firecracker 5K

I am not a big fan of fireworks and haven’t been since I was 10.  They are just boring, crowded, and scare the crap out of my beagle. I would like races like this one to be my 4th of July tradition. This race was the kick-off event for a larger sports festival taking place from 3-6 July and encompassed a variety of different sports: 3 v 3 Live Soccer Boys and Girls, 7 v 7 Football, Baseball, Field Hockey, Softball, Track and Field

From the website: “Help us kick off the 2nd Annual All-American Sports Fest.  
A celebration of athletes, competition, community and National Pride 
held during the Independence Day holiday.”
Pre-Race: I signed up on ($25) a few weeks ago. There was a flyer on the website with the basic information.  That was all the information I could find.

Race-Day: I have enjoyed right calf, left calf & right groin injuries over the last few weeks.  I probably shouldn’t have even been attempting this race.  I figured I would show up, get my shirt and make a game time decision. Registration was a breeze.  I walked right up at 0645 and was handed my packet.  They had everything in one clear bag. Easy peasey. There was a ton of parking available and it was never an issue.

Kinder Farm Park

Kinder Farm Park

The Race: I stretched and stretched hoping I could at least participate in the race.  I have wanted to run at Kinder Farm park and the morning (for July) was glorious. Not to hot, not to cold and overcast. I felt OK but anxious by the time the start rolled around.  My goal was to finish and not hurt myself further.

The race is mostly paved walking paths with some sections on a wide trail through the park. The course is one loop around the park and it has some gentle slopes throughout the race. I was doing better than I hoped for the first 1.75 miles and maybe I was getting a little over confident when I left my left calf tighten up and cramp.  I slowed down a bit and tried to take it easy the last mile.  It was soreness and not pain so I figured I could finish.  I finished with a time of 23:45.6 (according to my Garmin).  More than respectable for how I have been feeling lately.

Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony

Post Race:  They had the usual suspects.  Bananas, water, granola bars, fruit roll ups, Gu Chomps and some other goodies.  I hung around although I knew I had no shot at placing.  They had a short awards ceremony and off I went.  Congratulations to everyone that finished today.

Goodies:  The shirt was a plain cotton T-shirt, but they provided you with a bunch of additional goodies such as the clear bag, Gu Chomps, a water bottle koozie, and a lanyard.


The Goodies

The Goodies


****Overall I would give it 3.5 stars.  It was a well run race on a beautiful course.  The volunteers and staff were friendly and the course was well marked. The goodies were above average. If you live nearby I suggest you come out next year and enjoy this little gem.

For more information:


Not flattering

Not flattering



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