Return to Sunny Maple

I recently had a chance to return to Ole Mink Farm Resort when I discovered the Ft Ritchie duathlon I had entered was located only about 20 minutes away. Last time we stayed there it was winter time and I thought I would add/update my review.

In case you missed it, here was my review from last winter:

The most important things remained unchanged for me. It was still peaceful, restful, quiet, tranquil up there at Ole Mink Farm. There are more people up there this time of year at the various campers/cabins and motor homes, but I still thought it was just the right level of isolation for me. They still allow for pets in some of the cabins and it is important to me that we can bring Denver (aka Big Buddy).

Enjoying the outdoor

Enjoying the outdoor

The owners, the Irons family, were amazingly friendly, just like the last time we stayed with them. They give you a package of delicious cookies on check-in and ensure you know the lay of the land. Here are two examples of how they bent over backwards to help us:

  1. Last visit we had pizza delivered late at night and because they have a security gate the pizza guy could not get on to the resort. The owner paid for our food and brought it to our cabin (where we paid him back).
  2. This visit we arrived to the office/general store right after they closed, but the owner came out and let us in to pick up a few essentials (candy) without a grumble.

None of this is news if you read my last review. Here are some new items from our most recent stay:

Some items that were closed in the winter were open. We got to try out the pool. The pool is pretty big and has some funky sloped sides (the girls used them as makeshift slides into the pool). They also had a ton of those water noodles, and a beach ball you could play with. The pool never got overly crowded and the people we met were all very friendly and outgoing.

Headed to the pool

Headed to the pool

The girls also subjected Denver to the dog washing station. I don’t know how they lured him into the elevated wash tub but he came back smelling fresh (wet dog fresh) and wagging his tail. Denver also met some new friends in the dog run. He always approves of a stay at Old Mink Farm.  It is very convenient and appreciated to be able to travel with your pet.

Sunny Maple itself had undergone some big changes. The dated kitchen was refurbished and included new cabinets, flooring, lighting and counter tops. They were some really nice touches. I was concerned that the cabin might be too hot in the summer but the AC and fans kept the place nice and cool. I am tempted to try a different cabin when we visit next, but we have such a wonderful time at Sunny Maple I can’t imagine finding a better choice.


S'mores by the campfire

S’mores by the campfire

In addition to the plentiful activities at the resort, there are some nearby attractions that you might want to try out including: Catoctin Zoo and Wildlife Preserve (the Wildlife Safari is worth the price of admission), Cunningham Falls State Park, and numerous other hiking trails.

Bison feeding at the zoo

Bison feeding at the zoo

The Irons family is celebrating 50 years in business in 2014. I am not surprised at their success based on their customer service and beautiful location. I wish them the best and 50 more years of prosperity.



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