What to do When the Internet is Down

No service

No service

After a recent thunderstorm we found ourselves facing a daunting prospect:  No Internet/TV/Home phone for the next 2 days! 48 hours without the usual distractions.  A chance to connect with real people.  A chance to maybe get a little nookie?!  So I proposed that last idea to my wife while she was at work and by the time she came home she had the following replies:

1. How are you going to have sex if the internet is down?

2. Sex is no fun if the secret web camera isn’t working.

3.  No.

4. Hysterical laughter (like 2 minutes of straight laughing)

5. If I sleep with the Verizon technician can we get this fixed faster?

6.  How is she supposed to have sex if she can’t watch TV over my shoulder.

7. What will we do for the other 23 hours and 59 minutes.

8. Have sex with who?

9.  I’d rather watch the TV.

10. Don’t we still have that Golden Girls Box set I could watch instead?

11.  If my other choice is to do nothing, then it is a toss-up.



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