A Short Public Service Announcement

I have no races scheduled until November so I figured I would use this blog for a somewhat altruistic venture. I will keep the soapbox portion short and sweet.

I am soooo tired of the Save the Animals commercials. You know the ones. The ones with sad puppy faces behind fences and Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” playing in the background (I can’t even listen to that song anymore without instantly feeling guilty). The only way to stop this insanity is to rescue all of the animals.


Let’s start with something small. Let’s start with the Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland (BRSM). We rescued this chubby monkey in August 2013 from BRSM.

Frankenbuddy ; After surgery

Frankenbuddy ; After surgery

****I am not asking you to write a big check (although they gladly accept those donations via PayPal). I am asking you for $1. One dollar, one time, and I will never bother you again. Promise.****

Here is what you do. Go to this site:


Cast 1 vote (for $1) but you MUST VOTE FOR DENVER! He is currently the very last beagle on the page. If he is in the top 12, he will be in the prestigious BSRM 2015 calendar.

—-If you do, and you leave me a comment, I will mention you in my blog, post your picture, a picture of your pet, re-blog your favorite blog post, or possibly something of your choosing, and I will MATCH YOUR DONATION (up to $100). Voting will be available until midnight on November 5, 2014. All proceeds of the voting go towards saving beagles!

Denver & Mr Cuddles

Denver & Mr Cuddles

Why Denver? Most people don’t know about the seedy side of Beagle calendars, but let me let you in on a horrible secret. Some dogs are bred just to be cute. While most dogs are out enjoying life, these poor creatures are being posed with stuffed beavers, or made to wear bowties, just to make you go “awwww” when you look at them. Denver is not one of these calendar ringers. Just an average beagle with a below average “awww” factor whose only dream is to be in a Beagle calendar. Help me, help him.

     This is the photo I submitted:

2015 Beagle Calendar Boy?

2015 Beagle Calendar Boy?

For more information:

Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland


Denver and Meredith

Denver and Meredith


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