Bennett’s Curse 2014: Haunted House Review

Speed pass, speed pass, speed pass.

That is the best advice I could possibly give anyone going to visit Bennett’s Curse, one of the highest rated Haunted House Experiences in America (per the Travel Channel).

Bennett’s Curse is located in Jessup, MD, in Blob’s Park.  With the recent announcement of Blob’s Park closure (again), I have to wonder if Bennett’s Curse will be able to remain at this prime location. Just in case, you should go now and enjoy the experience.

Once again I went with my old work mate and fellow haunted house/horror movie aficionado Rhiannon. We went at 8pm on a Saturday and the place was packed.  We had purchased our Speed Passes online so once we were able to determine where we need to go (it was a little confusing despite people and signs trying to direct you), we were on our way.

For the common folk who did not purchase the Speed Pass:   They had a long line outside the building, followed by a longer line on the inside).  I would love to know how long people waited during peak times.  Our Speed Pass wait was 10 minutes.  If you are impatient (my guess is that the wait was at least an hour), or unable to go at an off-peak time (I would guess maybe real early or late might be better), then get the Speed Pass.

Get the Speed Pass.

There is no photography once you enter so I only got this photo at the entrance:

Abandon All Hope...yada yada yada

Abandon All Hope…yada yada yada

Last year we went during a blackout night (one person in each group had a light and it was dark throughout the attraction).  This year all of the scenes were lit and I absolutely enjoyed the experience more.  The sets were very well done. It was obvious that a lot of time and effort went into the production.  The sets are never the scary parts for me.  For me it is the actors and actresses throughout the journey who provide the real scares.  Last year I complained that being on the end of the group meant knowing when the scares were coming.  Not this year.  They did and excellent job of concealing some of the scares.  They didn’t always get the first person coming by and some times there were multiple people waiting to scare you.  The best scares were the people who blended so well into the scenes you didn’t realize they were real people until they surprised you.

@ the entrance...

2013 Picture: Blurry Dragon

Some other notes: I enjoyed the 3D experience.  The neat effects they create with the 3D paint are worth checking out.  I am not a fan of the strobe lights.  They had two locations that used them a lot and I find them disorienting (I guess that is the point).  I still get a kick out of the section that is just dark twisting hallways.  The end portion is the mental institution which seemed shorter and had fewer inhabitants than last year.

We did have an odd experience near the end where a woman asked for the way out.  We couldn’t tell if she was an actress who was playing a part, or if she genuinely was lost (the path is pretty straightforward and the exit signs are well-marked).  We didn’t really think much of it until we were leaving and an ambulance was heading down the dirt road to the attraction. Hopefully everyone was OK.

If you enjoy haunted houses, and live in Maryland, you have to check this one out.

My creative cupcakes that have nothing to do with this post.

My creative cupcakes that have nothing to do with this post.

Normal ticket – $30, Speed Pass – $45, also VIP (no wait) – $60

(You should be fine with the Speed Pass)

For more information:



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