Color Festival of Fire and 5K – Jacobus,PA

Pre-race, Pre-color

Pre-race, Pre-color

I unexpectedly was able to find yet another local race less than a mile from my house. It was a color run to support the local volunteer Ambulance Corps. Both my parents were ambulance volunteers back in the day so I can appreciate their dedication and sacrifice.

This is my second color run. Last time it was just my daughter and I, this time I was able to talk my wife into joining us. At $30 a person, the race was about half the cost of the bigger nationwide color runs.


Location: Jacobus, PA
Timing: None
Course: Mixture of roads and trails
Size: Large (500+)

Pre-Race: I received a couple of emails prior to the race preparing me for what to expect on race day. They covered the highlights such as packet pickup, a description of what a color run entails and most importantly where they plan to have hundreds of people park.
Since I am right down the street I was able to pickup my packets the day before the race. They were just getting started and things were a little slow at first but once I got to the front of my line, I had everything I needed in less than a minute.
They did have an issue with the kids shirts (they only had medium). Not their fault, but it could have been an issue for people that were expecting a specific child size (the medium worked out perfectly for my daughter). They did offer for you to stop by the next morning if you needed to trade out your shirt. I also purchased some additional color for us to enjoy.

Race Day: We arrived early and parked at the nearby school which had plenty of spaces. We had about 30 minutes before the waves started so we checked out some of the local vendors and food trucks. We also purchased some “color bombs” which were like bean bags filled with color that you could use over and over again. We didn’t see these on our last color run and for $10 for 3 bags they were a good buy. The DJ was already getting the crowd excited with games and color. They had different waves set to go off every 10 minutes but we figured we could just blend in with the first wave.

The Race: We walked as a family for the whole race (although my daughter impatiently ran ahead a few times). The race went up and down the hills of Jacobus which led to a hiking trail near my house. There were approximately 5 color stations setup where volunteers threw and squirted color on you. I thought they all did a fantastic job of getting all of the walkers/runners as they passed by in spite of a nasty wind. Everybody was very friendly and we had a great time.

Color run love

Color run love

Post Race: We did spend a little time after the race to enjoy some of the food from the local vendors. The DJ continued to engage the crowd with color, games and prizes. It was a very relaxed family friendly atmosphere on a beautiful day. Everything seemed to flow very smoothly.

Post race activities

Post race activities

Goodies: You received the white race shirt, sunglasses, some coupons for local businesses, some candy and a X-mas tree ornament (?). I am guessing they had a lot of Christmas ornaments lying around. I have one that is plain and one with the Jacobus Ambulance Corp symbol.

Shirt, ornament and a bag to carry them in.

Shirt, ornament and a bag to carry them in.

Overall: I enjoyed this color run A LOT more than the one we did in DC a few years ago. This one was through the town of Jacobus and a local park, the DC race was just around the parking lot of RFK. This one was more family friendly (no free beer). Most of all this was half the price of the bigger races. You still had just as much color, and just as much fun at half the cost. If they hold this event next year I STRONGLY encourage you to give it a try, especially if you are interested in color runs.

My Smurfy girl

My Smurfy girl

******Of course a BIG thank you to the women and men of the Jacobus Lions Ambulance Club and Goodwill Fire Company.



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