Dash for Diabetes 5K

I have been running for about a month now and figured it was time to run a normal race and see how my training was coming along.  I was tired of the gimmick runs and I wanted to check out a new area of York County. And that is how I discovered the JDRF Dash for Diabetes in Hanover.

The JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) is a non-profit dedicated to find a cure for type 1 diabetes (T1D) and its complications through the support of research.

JDRF Ribbon

JDRF Ribbon

The Basics:

Location: Hanover, PA

Timing: Timing Clock (non-chip)

Course: Road (The road was not closed, but not busy either)

Size: Small (less than 100)

Pre-Race:  I registered on Active.com about a 2 weeks before the race.  The race was only $20 with the option to buy a $5 T-shirt.  In theory this was an excellent idea.  I already have enough cotton running shirts and thought it was a great idea to make it optional.  When I went to check out I was unable to uncheck the T-shirt block.  Not sure where the disconnect was, but I like the idea.  It could have been a problem with my browser, Active.com or how the race sponsor set it up.  I have no idea where the fault lies so I will just give JDRF credit for trying.

The mandatory optional shirt

The mandatory optional shirt

Race Day: I showed up about 45 minutes before the race.  I had no problem parking and I walked right up to the table and received my shirt/goodie bag and race number. It was a gloriously beautiful day to run.  Sunny but not too hot or too cold. The one glitch in my plan was my Garmin which I had forgotten at home.

The Race:  The course was a big circle around an industrial area.  Although the streets weren’t closed to traffic it was never really an issue (at least for me).  The few cars I saw gave me a wide berth.  All of the turns had volunteers telling you which way to go.  The course itself was pretty flat which has been a hard commodity to come by in Pennsylvania races.

It was liberating not having my watch.  I didn’t know how far or fast I was going so I just went with the flow.  I felt pretty good most of the race and I feel a kept a pretty steady pace. I was nowhere near first but I was also nowhere near last. I was surprised when I got passed by a Mennonite coming down the home stretch.  I believe he was a Mennonite based on his running gear (overalls, and colored shirt) and phone. How passionate do you have to be to run in long pants and a collared shirt?  I was sweating in my performance sweat wicking shorts and T-shirt. My hats off to him on crushing me down the final stretch.  I was still more than pleased with my 24:51 finish time.

****Speaking of finishes, I would suggest to the organizers that they separate the finish line for walkers versus runners for everybody’s sake. I think it is safer for both groups and easier to keep track of who came in what place in what race.****

Post Race:  I had a few minutes to get a bottled water, pretzel and banana before having to leave (we had company coming).  They had awards planned as well as a raffle for a bunch of prizes.  They had a results board but I couldn’t tell who was a walker or a runner.  It is Wednesday and I haven’t seen any results posted.

–Update:  They race organizer posted the results via Facebook.  Thanks so much! To make things even better, I got second in my age category.

Baby Seal?

Baby Seal?

Goodies:  You received the race shirt and a goodie bag with all sorts of coupons (I always like the Sweet Frogs coupons).  I also received a white baby seal stuffed animal.  It is a puzzling inclusion to the goodie bag, but one that my daughter appreciated.

Overall:  Not bad for an inaugural race event.  I would tweak a few things (the finish line, posting results) but overall they did a good job.  



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