Sasquatch 5K Trail Run

I was going to avoid trail runs.  I have a hard time staying healthy without the added dangers of running off-road.  I have a penchant for tripping over rocks, sliding down embankments, stepping in mole holes and generally finding a way to get hurt.


…a local 5k that would include the possibility of seeing the elusive Sasquatch? A Trail Run that has been featured in Runner’s World magazine’s list of America’s Top Trail Races that is right in my backyard?

I made an exception.

The Snyder Family Farm

The Snyder Family Farm

The Basics:

Location: Mt Wolf, PA

Timing: Chip Timing

Course: Wide trails

Size: Medium (about 300 people)

I was looking for this

I was looking for this

Pre Race: Registration was online and easy.  There is a Facebook page for Farm and Naturals Trust of York County that has updates. The Sasquatch Preservation Trail Run benefits Farm & Natural Lands Trust of York County, a land preservation organization dedicated to conservation of our prime agricultural and sensitive environmental landscapes.

Race Day: The race took place on the Snyder Family Farm just north of York.  My GPS said it was on the other side of the street ,but they had signs out for the race so it was obvious where to go. Parking was at a premium so I would suggest arriving early and carpooling if you can. I arrived at 0810 for the 0900 start. I walked right up to the registration table and got my Goodie bag.  Too easy, just the way I like it.

The Race:  The race started off with a literal bang from Cannonball Charlie who is the mascot of the York Revolution baseball team.  The blast was delayed by a few seconds so I think it caught a lot of us off guard when it suddenly went off. I was expecting a starter pistol, not a small cannon.

The race was blissfully boring but the scenery was beautiful.  I started at the very back and really focused on not going too hard.  My foot has been sore and I didn’t want to aggravate it.  I haven’t been training so I wasn’t in shape to really compete.

I thought the course was excellent.  There is one large hill between miles 1 and 2 that is difficult and a long downhill before the last push to the finish line.  There were plenty of volunteers from the local cross country team that were telling you where to go and offering encouragement.  I also saw 2 of the elusive Squatches.  I high-fived one of them. They seem remarkably easy to find for such a historically reclusive creatures.

I finished in 30:32.  The finish line shoot was a little short and narrow.  It would be my one and only complaint for the day.

Squatches get tired too..

Squatches get tired too..

Post Race: I stayed around long enough to drink some water and grab an apple.  They had LOTS of giveaways, but the rain was starting to pickup and I didn’t want to stay on my sore foot any more than necessary.

The Goodies: I received a technical shirt (A+ on the shirt), and some coupons including $10 off at the White Rose Bar and Grill (which is awesome).

My first Squatch shirt!

My first Squatch shirt!

Overall:  The course beautiful. The trails are wide and pretty safe.  I love the Sasquatch theme and the T-Shirt is awesome.  I can understand why this race is so popular.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they start selling out.  



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