Perrydell Farm and Dairy 8K

The Perrydell Farm 8k is the first leg of the Leg Up Farm Mudfest Series. Last year I ran in one of the other legs of the Mudfest Series and I enjoyed it.  It was the first local race I had run, and I learned that most courses around here are on the hilly side.  This year I signed up for all three races.


Perrydell Farm store

The Basics:

Location: York, PA (Perrydell Farm) 5 minutes off Rt 83 (worth a stop)

Timing: Chip Timing

Course: Over the River and Through the Woods (trail)

Size: Small (about 100 people)

Pre-Race: Not much pre-communication for this race.  I knew I had to be at Perrydell Farm for my 0830 start time. I have been to  Perrydell Farm  (for their awesome Chocolate Milk) so didn’t really need any further information.

Race Day:  The Farm is a 10 minute jaunt from my house.  You can’t miss the farm even if you have never been there before. They had a big sign directing you where to park and it was impossible to miss the registration tables.  Everything went smoothly. I had plenty of time to stay warm in my car before hiking through the cow pasture (watch your step) to the starting line.


I was afraid we would have to run through fields of mud like this (we didn’t)

The Race: I have been practicing at 3 miles and I had only run 5 miles last week (on a very flat course).  I knew this was not the same as running a flat 5 miles on the Rail Trail.  I did my best to keep my pace under control and not burn out early.

The course is beautiful.  There are great views of the surrounding countryside and parts of the course wind through the woods, marsh and fields.  The organizers did a great job of marking the course (although I still missed a cone and almost lead 5 people in the wrong direction until I realized my mistake).

The race was pretty uneventful (fine by me).  I kept a pretty steady pace (although I had to walk between miles 3 and 4 when the hills caught up to me).  The hills were challenging, the stream crossings were pretty simple and the mud was just right.  I finished dirty but with both shoes on my feet at 50:57.5 which wasn’t a bad outing.

Post Race: The results were available almost immediately on a big screen TV.  They had water, chocolate milk and whoopie pies. They had a fire pit burning to keep you warm while you cheered on the other finishers.  We had a busy day ahead so I didn’t stay for too long.

Goodies: My new Perrydell gloves and chocolate milk were a nice haul for a hard mornings work.  I appreciate when you get something besides a T-shirt.  I REALLY appreciate free chocolate milk.

IMG_2502 (1)

Gloves and an empty Chocolate milk (it is delicious)




2 thoughts on “Perrydell Farm and Dairy 8K

  1. The Perrydell Crew thanks you for such a nice review of our race. Look forward to seeing you again at Brown’s or Leg Up Races!

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