Leg Up Farm 5K

The Leg Up Farm 5k is the third and final leg of the Leg Up Farm Mudfest Series.  Having completed the first two there was no way I was going to miss the third.  The first two were challenging so I expected the same from this one.

The Leg Up Mudfest Series cost $60 if you sign up early for all three.  For $60 you get three races, all at beautiful locations in the York area.  You also get 3 race premiums (gloves, socks and a T-shirt).  Complete all three races and you also get a medal.  A great deal for your money, and I didn’t even mention the delicious Brown’s Cider and Perrydell Farms chocolate milk available at the finish lines. Still need convincing?  It is also for an awesome cause:

“Leg up Farm is a non-profit therapy center in York County, Pennsylvania for children with special needs.

We believe every child is special and deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.  To achieve this goal, we know that therapy takes a lot of time and work.

Our individually tailored treatment plans, breadth of services, and child-friendly environment in a convenient, centralized location are the keys to success that will improve outcomes for children and families.”


Plaque in the entrance way

The Basics:

Location: Leg Up Farm, Mount Wolf, PA

Timing: Chip Timing

Course: Trail, mud, deer, 3 stream crossings

Size: Small (100+ finishers)


View behind the farm

Pre-Race:  All the information you could need for this race was available on the event website.  They have a website and a Facebook page that tell you everything you need to know.

Race Day:  To prepare for the race I ate and drank too much and stayed up until about 2am with acid reflux.  Excellent planning on my part…

I only had a few uncomfortable hours of sleep and I awoke to a light rain which meant the Mudfest would probably live up to its name.   If I hadn’t completed the first two legs of the series, I would have gone back to bed.

The Leg Up Farm is easy to find.  I arrived 45 minutes early and parked right in front of the main building. I walked right to the front of the registration line and received my bib and T-shirt.  I think I have had the same conversation for all three registrations:

Kind volunteer:  “Is your age correct?

Me: “Unfortunately”

I just want to publicly apologize for the same lame joke at all three races.

I foresee parking being an issue if you showed up very late.  When I left the farm there were cars parked up the road to the entrance of the complex. Don’t “run” late on race day.  That is my advice for any race.

The Race: I started every race with the same philosophy: slow and steady.  The first two I failed to maintain my pace and I had to walk parts of the course.  Today I was determined to run the whole race.  Slow and steady was my mantra.

This course was, in my opinion, the prettiest of the three.  It spent most of the time weaving up and down the hills along thin trails.  Most of the wooded area was only wide enough for 1-2 folks to run side by side.  That helped me stick to my pace.  It was hard to pass due to the thin trails and the muddy, slippery course.

The trails were slick.  I probably should invest in a good pair of trail shoes if I plan to continue to run trail runs.  But today I ran in the same shoes I ran in for the other two races.  I really had to focus to stay upright.  Slow and steady.

I did have another nature encounter like the geese a few weeks ago.  This time it was a deer crashing across the trail right behind me.  If I had to guess, he missed me by a foot (in reality it was probably much more).  I’m glad he didn’t decide to run me over. He literally scared the crap out of me (not literally).

I was able to actually run this whole race.  I wasn’t fast, but I was Slow and Steady finishing in 34:02.

Post Race:  After the race I was able to pick up my medal! After three muddy, hilly, slippery courses I felt I had earned this one. They had some water, Perrydell chocolate milk, a variety of bagels and a few other light snacks.

They also had a kids run (Sprint provided them with capes for the run which was cool).  There were also a number of princess on-hand to cheer on the kids. They also took the time to meet the kids and pose for  few photos.


The Princesses with their fans

Goodies:  The medal, Perrydell chocolate milk and the technical T-shirt.


Shirt, medal and yummy Perrydell chocolate milk

Sponsors/Kudos:  The York Road Runners supported all three races and did a phenomenal job.  I don’t usually mention sponsors, but these companies took their time to support an amazing cause:

Brown’s Orchard, Perrydell Farm,  Pennsylvania’s Children’s Health Insurance Program  Capital Blue, CGA Law Firm,  F&S, Smoothie King, Sprint, Hydroworx, Med Express Urgent Care, Sheetz, Flying Feet, Thomas Corsaro, DDS


A word from our sponsors




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