York Habitat for Humanity 5K

I wish we lived in a world where everyone had their basic needs met.  I wish we all had a roof over our heads and enough food on the table.  Maybe not a mansion and a feast, but the ability to keep warm and dry and your belly full.

York Habitat for Humanity is trying to lead us in the right direction. York Habitat For Humanity’s Vision Statement is simple but profound: “A community where everyone has a decent place to live.”  York Habitat provides a “hand up, not a hand out” by offering qualified families interest free, 30 year mortgages.

The Basics:

Location: Dover, PA

Timing: Clock Timing

Course: Road

Size: Small (Around 100)


Start / Finish Line

Pre Race: I actually had some issues trying to sign up for the race.  I was using the website to sign up and every time I got to the checkout portion of the registration I would get a error saying the transaction could not be processed.  I tried different browsers on different computers but received the same error.  I emailed the POC on the website and they squared me away within 24 hours.  I don’t mind problems registering if they are handled quickly (and this was).  I admit I was a little nervous that I would show up on race day and they would have no record of my race entry.

I loved that they offer the choice of race shirt or no race shirt. For $5 I got one and it was well worth the money.  If you have a gazillion shirts you could save your cash.  I appreciate when races give you the option.

Race Day: I showed up at 0745 for the 0830 start time.  I was able to park at the end of the street near the start line / registration tent / DJ.  The parking lot I was in was small but there seemed to be ample spots in the local neighborhood. A few local businesses allowed runners to use their lots as well.

My worries about a lost registration were for naught, my registration was waiting for me and I had my shirt and goodie bag in about 2 minutes.

The race starts and finishes on Allen Lane which is referred to as the “Field of Dreams”.  Sixteen of the homes in the neighborhood were built by Habitat for Humanity.


Allen Lane “Field of Dreams”

The Race: I thought we might enjoy a flat road race.  I was wrong.  The course was out and back over rolling hills. The mile markers seemed spot on.  They had a water stop at the halfway point.

The race went very well for me.  Nothing weird or out of the ordinary happened.  No gastrointestinal issues, no hissing geese, no slippery hills, no unexpected snow.  Just a nice quiet race.  I quietly finished in a respectable 26:33.

Post Race: They handed out ice-cold towels at the finish line.  Love that.  Especially on a hot day. I only had water, but I saw the usual assortment of snacks and donuts.

I checked the results board (another touch that I love) so I could see how I did immediately.  I swear when I looked initially, it said I was second for my age group (which surprised me).  I texted my wife and family (who was driving in from NJ) with the good news and let them know I might be getting home a little later than expected.

I walked to my car, and got my glasses (I usually don’t run with them on).  I went to check my time on the results board and I realized I was 7th, not 2nd for my age group.  I hope they updated the results between my initial glance and my second check of the results.  Otherwise it is just a case of poor eyesight. I sheepishly texted my family and let them know the 7th place finisher would be home as expected.

I did stay another 10 minutes and cheered on a bunch of the finishers before heading home.  I was very pleased with my time and how well I felt throughout the run.  Overall a good day and a successful run.

The Goodies: The Tech Shirt and coupons to some local businesses.





How you can help….


One thought on “York Habitat for Humanity 5K

  1. Great time bro, thats the times I am more use to from you. I hate hills! Keep in mind that Tri at the end of august, still working on a runner or biker!

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