Color Festival of Fire and 5K

**Originally this race was supposed to be held back in April, but due to some horrible weather, the organizers made the difficult decision to postpone it until the 4th of July when it would coincide with the Jacobus July 4th Blast.**

Here is my review from last year:

The race was supported by the Festival of Fire Foundation, an organization which helps local communities raise money for PPE / Fire Equipment or special causes. The Jacobus Color Festival of Fire and 5K would raise money to benefit the Jacobus Lions Ambulance, Local Fire Companies and Gift of Life.

My mother, father and younger brother all worked for the Hawthorne Ambulance Corps, so I appreciate all these volunteers do for the community. I vividly remember my parents rushing out the door whenever the police scanner would broadcast a call for assistance.

When we moved to the area over a year ago, we looked at a number of homes in Jacobus.  I was pretty sure that was where we were going to end up, but it was not meant to be.

Quick Wikipedia Fact: Jacobus was originally named New Paradise but was renamed due to misdelivered mail to Paradise, PA. The first name of the local postmaster at the time was Jacob and mail was delivered to Jacob US-Mail which became JacobUS (Jacobus).

I don’t know if anyone else cares, but I found it interesting.


Stage 1 of a Color Run (clean)

The Basics:

Location: Jacobus, PA

Timing: No timing

Course: Road / Trail

Size: Small

Pre-Race:  We signed up for this race so long ago that I barely remember doing it. I know it was online and it was a breeze.  The race directors did an excellent job informing everyone via email Facebook when they had to change dates due to the bad weather.  I believe they offered refunds to those who asked. Everyone else would automatically be entered in the race on the new date (4th of July).  If I couldn’t make it on the 4th I would have considered the money a donation to a good cause. Luckily we were in town and we were ready to go.  Kay had a blast last year and was looking forward to it again.

Race Day:  We missed picking up our packets on the day before the race, but they had race day pickup starting at 0700.  We left the house at 0710 and we were there by 0713.  We parked at Dallastown Area Intermediate School which had a TON of parking.  We walked a block to the Jacobus Lions Club Ambulance Building.  I don’t think it took us more than 5 minutes to get our shirts and bags.

We had time to kill before the race so we purchased 2 bags of color ($4) to get into the spirit of the race. They planned to have two heats, faster people first and then a slower group.  We joined the faster group, because we were ready to go and didn’t want to wait around for another heat.


Stage 2 of a Color Run (messy- at the start)

The Race:  Color Runs are not for the serious racers.  You can run as fast as you like, but the enjoyment is in the camaraderie with people around you. We walked / ran whenever we pleased.  The course starts off on the street (open to traffic) and winds its way down a local trail (Hollow Creek Greenway Trail).  Along the way was plenty of color stops.  The course went back on mostly the same trail, so you got pelted twice in some places.  The race wasn’t too crowded so we really, really got a ton of color.  I think we got hit 9-10 times.  It was crazy.  I got color crushed at the blue, purple and yellow stations.


The Purple Station near the Finish Line clobbered you with color

Post Race: At the end of the race, you were awarded with another color packet to go crazy with. The race was in conjunction with the Jacobus Blast 4th of July party so there were a ton of activities going on.  There was free water at the finish and there were lots of food trucks at the festival to satisfy any food desire you may have had.  Kayleigh found “Volcano drinks” and I knew she would have to get one before we left.

Throughout the day they had a ton of activities.  A children’s parade (see pictures below), games, local vendors, food trucks, baseball games and it all concluded with the Fireworks show.


Stage 1 of a Color Run (clean)

The Goodies: In addition to the white T-shirt, and a bunch of local coupons, you get a drawstring bag to carry all of your stuff in. You also get to look like this:


Stage 3 of a Color Run

This is a great first 5k.  Everyone is laid back and easy-going.  The event isn’t timed so there is no pressure to perform.  It is perfect for families looking to get out together or a group trying to do some team / morale building.  The Jacobus event is better than most of the larger events you will find.  This event provided more elbow room, better scenery and more color than the others I have done. We had a great time for a great cause.

Bonus pictures from the Children’s Parade:



One thought on “Color Festival of Fire and 5K

  1. Never heard of this in NJ….almost always is competitive. Nice job painting dad Kay!!! Looks like a fun event 🙂

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