New York Warrior Dash


This year my daughter wanted to try a Warrior Dash.  She has completed a handful of 5Ks and she doesn’t mind getting muddy so she met all of the prerequisites.  The Warrior Dash is a good beginner mud run.  It isn’t as easy as the Your First Mud Run and it wasn’t as difficult as the Rugged Maniac.  If you want an overview of all of these other races, I have placed links at the end of this post.

 This was my third Warrior Dash.  I won’t dwell on all of the things that they have in common with one exception.   St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  They have raised more than 14 MILLION DOLLARS to date.

The Basics:

Location: Camp Warwick, the Warwick, NY

Timing: None (unless you are in the competitive wave)

Course: Trail, mud, obstacles

Size: X-Large (but it is broken into medium sized waves)


Parking:  There was a shuttle back and forth from the car parking area (an elementary school) to the race instead of onsite parking..  We usually bring a few gallons of water to wash off any lingering mud, and change by the cars.  Instead we had to bring a bag with clothes and change at the after-party.  On the plus side, there was no waiting for the shuttles.  They ran continuously throughout the day.

Starting Line: This was the first year I saw someone checking wave times at the starting line.  They had two volunteers standing at the opening of the corral checking bibs.  You may need to be creative/sneaky if you want to switch waves.

Photos: My sister brought her camera and triple sandwich bagged it.  It was a pain to take out and put away, but we were in no rush and she got a lot of great pictures and video.

The course: The course was very hilly.  The first two miles were a struggle. Up and down, up and down we went through the mountain trails with a couple of obstacles stuck in the middle to break up the monotony.  I appreciate the distance between the start and the obstacles; it gives time for the pack to spread out.

Obstacles: I swear this was the easiest Warrior Dash at least when it comes obstacles. There were no muddy mounds that forced you work together to get up a hill.  Goliath didn’t have the wet balance beam between the cargo net and the slide. The only obstacle we all struggled with was the “Fisherman’s Catch”.  We were all too short to reach the overhead rings and I think we all fell into the cargo net.  I have video and photographic evidence:

Lines: Great lines for obstacles.  Most of the obstacle races get bogged down at the obstacles.  The lines on this day were excellent.  I don’t think I had to wait for anything.  I don’t know if that is the result of being in one of the preferred waves (aka more expensive), or if the attendance at the Warrior Dash is waning.

Cleaning Up: They had a shower system setup at the bottom of the hill. The water for the showers came directly out of the nearby stream so a lot of people skipped the showers and went directly into the stream.  The water was COLD and the weather was cool.  Once you immersed yourself in the stream it was cold but manageable.  It was also much easier to scrub the mud off you.  I don’t think my daughter was a big fan, but eventually we coaxed her into the water.  They had a changing tent (at the top of the hill) so there was a little privacy.  I think we all prefer changing in/by the cars.


Favorite Moments:

The mud: It was like swimming through thick dirty chocolate pudding.  It was gross.  It is always gross.

Fire jumping photo: The actual fire jumping is always a bit of a let down (I don’t think an insurance company would allow you to have a fire event where there was a real danger of roasting participants).  That being said, it always makes for a great photo.


Goliath Pictures: I loved the slide and Kayleigh hated it.  By the looks on our faces, you would have thought it was the other way around.  I look like I am sliding into a pit of cobras.

After the race:  We had an awesome breakfast in a nearby convenience store.  Taylor ham, egg and cheese on a hard roll is one of the greatest creations in North Jersey.  The bagels are also superior to anything we have found in PA or Maryland.


Goodies:  The usual stuff.  Shirt, hat and medal (wood block).  I think I will run with my hat next time.


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