About Me

     If you are looking for expert advice on health, nutrition, fitness or running you may have come to the wrong place.  For now all I have to offer are my frank reviews of some of the different races I have run around Maryland.

The Meaty Weiners

     This is the amazing triathalon team we put together for a race in Wyckoff New Jersey.  Yes we had hand drawn weiners on our shirts which definitely drew some attention to us. (For the record we weren’t the worst team).  I was the weiner on the right. Those other weiners are my brothers.  Obviously we are all athletes in our prime.

NIbbles Fluffycakes is my Easter Bunny name

     I plan on running the New York City marathon but I have a real problem staying motivated throughout the year.  My hope is that this blog may help me stay on target.  I try and run about a race a month to keep me motivated.  I decided it might be helpful to post some of my musings about the race and maybe help somebody else along the way.

     I have a very intricate and detailed process for picking out my future races.  I look for races close to home (or my second home in NJ), and try and find races that are a little different or support a good cause.  Maybe have a little fun along the way.

     Feel free to leave any comments about anything.  Any questions you may have or advice you want to give.  Complain about your Aunt to me.  Anyway I hope you enjoy and as I figure things out I will add to the blog. If you see me at a race please come by and say hello.  I am all about meeting fellow runners.


10 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thanks so much! I just took a look at your blog and I love it. Seems like we have a similar sense of humor. I will definitely be following (stalking) your page in the future. Thanks for your feedback and maybe I will see you at an event (Barlowe Bolt 2015?)

    • Thanks for the nomination. I would like to thank my highschool english teacher, Peneno who said I had no idea when to use punctuation marks? I would also like to thank my 8th grade English teacher who said I needed to prrofread my work. You were both right, but I am blogging anyway.

      • Wow, you really showed those English teacher, huh? I did horribly in high school, and I turned out just fine….Lol You’re so funny! I hope more people discover your blog for great reviews of races in the local area!

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