My Bucket List

I just came up with most of these today so I reserve the right to add/remove as I think about this a bit more…

– Visit Normandy

-Visit the Pyramids

-Visit Rio

-Hang Glide

-Complete a Triathlon

-Run the NYC Marathon

-Publish something (besides this blog)

-Learn to fly a plane or helicopter

-Run a sub- 20:00 minute 5K

-Go into space

– Visit all 50 states

-Go to Paris for my 25 year anniversary

-Walk over the Grand Canyon Skywalk

-Visit Yosemite

-Have an affair with Kate Beckinsdale or Jennifer Lawrence

-Survive the 1st 100 days of the Zombie Apocalypse

-Be proficient in a second language

-Learn sign language

-Take a photography class

-Leave a mark on the world

-Volunteer at a 5K

Use the Heimlich maneuver (completed 2003)



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